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20 Chore Tuesday

6 loads of laundry

4 loads of dishes

3 boys schooled

3 meals served

2 floors swept

1 stove cleaned

1 sweater knit on

Equals 20 Chore Tuesday for this week. 😛

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20 Chore Tuesday

Today my focus will be on knitting and the kitchen. My knitting to-do list seems to grow longer every day, especially at this time of the year. And my dear husband made a trip to the grocery store for the essentials, so I am now equipped to prepare some meals ahead for the week.


  • Knit 10 stripes on my Rockefeller shawl (this is going to be a daily goal until it is completed.)
  • Cast-on and knit until the thumb increases on a mitt for a friend
  • Cast-on and knit ribbing and a few rows of the chart on my husband’s hat
  • Swatch for Christmas sweater for my youngest


  • Bake 2 loaves of quick bread, one to have for breakfast this week and one to freeze
  • Bake at least one other breakfast for the week
  • Change over calendars
  • Write all sports events and appointments on calendar
  • Wash towels
  • Wash Christmas kitchen potholders and towels and put them out
  • Declutter for 15 minutes packing away everyday items to make room for Christmas items
  • Write up a meal plan for the rest of the week
  • Write up an inventory of pantry items
  • Start a list of items needed to restock the pantry
  • Make body wash
  • Run dishwasher
  • Wash rest of dishes


  • Pay bills
  • Order contacts
  • Order wooden pegs for gift-making

Getting this list done will be contingent on the health of the children in my household. Everyone has been in one stage or another of a nasty cold for over a week now. They are still sleeping and I hope the rest will do them good.

To join in, link up at Joyful Abode. Wishing you a happy and productive Tuesday. 🙂

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Old Mother Hubbard Learns Her ABCs

It is one of those nights. It has been too long between grocery shopping trips. Fridge and cupboards are nearly bare. Dinnertime is fast approaching. Boys will be hungry. What is a mom to do?

Hmm. Ground beef already browned. Check. I think I have some beef broth, maybe a beef and vegetable soup? But I used up the frozen veggies the other night when I was making corn chowder and realized that I only had a tiny bit of corn left and improvised. Well, there are carrots in the fridge at least. I can still make this work.

Drat. There are only 2 cans of beef broth. I could have sworn there were more. Digging deep in the cupboards now I find some diced tomatoes hiding behind the peas. Someone must have exchanged the beef broth for the diced tomatoes that were not here the other day. Ooh, a quart of home-canned tomatoes. Now we are getting somewhere.

Into the pot goes the quart of home-canned tomatoes after a momentary panic that they looked different. My dear friend on the phone reminded me that we canned some heirloom tomatoes and that a batch was yellow and orange. Phew! I add to that the 2 measly cans of beef broth and the ground beef. Good base, but there is no way that is going to feed everyone. Maybe adding the veggies will help it look like more. Sliced baby carrots, diced bell pepper and onion are a nice addition, but it still does not look like enough. Back to the almost empty cupboards.

My first intention was to grab those cans of diced tomatoes that had appeared in place of the beef broth. But then I saw something better. 2 small cans of condensed tomato soup. I added them to the pot without diluting them hoping this experiment would end well. Time will tell.

Now for my favorite part of cooking, adding the seasonings. My inner child delights in acting like a mad scientist for a few minutes adding a bit of this and that without measuring *gasp*. I add my usual standbys, sea salt, cracked pepper, and a bay leaf. It is not soup without bay leaves. Ask my kids. 😉 Italian seasoning goes well with anything so I add that too. And since we are all suffering with sinus illnesses, I decide some chili powder is the way to go. Some minced garlic gets added in and the simmering begins. Now what to dip in the soup?

My helpful friend who has been on this journey with me via the phone suggests some garlic cheddar biscuits. Using her mad computer skills, she finds this recipe which is close to the one she uses. A quick scan over the ingredient list brings a sigh. I don’t have milk. The recipe actually calls for buttermilk, but I typically substitute regular milk with a splash of vinegar or lemon juice for the buttermilk without incident. But it doesn’t work without milk. Always quick-thinking, my friend asks if I have evaporated milk. I do! I always buy a can of evaporated milk every time I buy pumpkin in anticipation of pumpkin pie. When the pumpkin gets used for pumpkin bread or something else, the cans of evaporated milk hang out in the back of the cupboard. Or that is my theory anyway.

Back to the biscuits. My friend gets another call and I start the biscuits while smelling the delicious smell from the soup. I am hoping that it tastes as good as it smells. The biscuits include cheese and garlic and are brushed with melted butter. I am confident that we will at least enjoy the biscuits.

When the biscuits go in the oven, I add some alphabet noodles to the soup for a little fun. In just a few minutes it is dinnertime. I brush the biscuits with the butter, dish out the bowls and call the troops to wash up for dinner. The verdict is: success! We all love the soup and of course the biscuits.

I am grateful for a yummy meal despite initial grim prospects. But I am also looking forward to a thorough, stocking up grocery shop in the very near future. Now that I have a more accurate idea of what is actually in the cabinets. 😛

The improvised Alphabet soup:


And the garlic and cheese biscuits:



20 Chore Tuesday

I knew I blew it this morning when I actually thought to myself, “Hey! I am making good progress on my chores and it is not even 9 AM!” I think you can guess what happened next. Things did come to a screeching halt for a while, but I am now back on track. And am finally putting the list down in writing.

  • 2 mile workout
  • unload dishwasher
  • 2 loads of laundry
  • school
  • dishes
  • declutter a shelf in bathroom cabinet
  • fold and put away laundry done yesterday and today
  • make dinner
  • print more school items
  • laminate school items (they are in pouches ready to go)
  • package up, label and freeze red sauce that I made yesterday
  • roast pumpkin
  • package, label and freeze pumpkin puree
  • mandatory 1 hr. quiet time
  • write 1-2 blog posts
  • gather library books to return
  • wash sink and toilet
  • knit on House Sweater

I know it is not quite 20 things. We shall see what else I am in the mood to do later. Long day. Quiet time helped though.

20 Chore Tuesday can be found on Joyful Abode. Link up to join in!

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20 Chore Tuesday 11/6

  • Vote!
  • 2 mile workout
  • school with boys (making progress)
  • bake PB breakfast cookies (2 batches done!)
  • bake blueberry muffins
  • make pizza dough (2 batches)
  • prep dinner for crock pot
  • bake chicken for pizza night
  • 3-4 loads of laundry
  • knit on House sweater
  • publish 2 blog posts (besides this one)
  • clean sink and toilet
  • sweep living room
  • wood treatment on living room floor
  • sweep bathroom
  • wash dishes  I will be doing more dishes today, but I think doing 2 sinks full is enough to cross this off of the list. ; )
  • type more of the script for the kids’ puppet show (in progress)
  • print Pre-K activities (in progress)
  • laminate Pre-K activities
  • cut out Pre-K activities
  • watch election results and fill in map with kids
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20 Chore Tuesday 10/30

Well, it is 20 Chore Tuesday again! I am feeling less than motivated today, so this will be needed.I made 4 days worth of breakfasts and 4 days worth of dinners on Sunday in preparation for the storm. We often lose power, so I wanted to make sure that we would have what we needed. All of that cooking also meant a lot of dishes and clean up. Which has left me low on energy today. I will do my best to be accomplished today though.

I also need to remember what I learned after working myself to exhaustion last week: be more realistic with my list. I am separating out big tasks into manageable chunks. I also need to consider that homeschooling my 3 boys takes a large chunk of my time and be realistic with the remainder of my time. Here goes…


  • Laundry – 2 loads
  • Wash pans that are soaking
  • Wash toilet and sink in bathroom
  • Sweep kitchen
  • Sweep living room
  • Sweep bathroom
  • School with boys (since it is the majority of my day, it should count on my list, right?)
  • General pick-up (toys, school stuff, etc.)


  • Wood cleaner on living room floor
  • Wipe out microwave
  • Scrub stovetop

School Preparation

  • Make copies for lessons through next week (ran out of ink last week)
  • Search for and print Pre-K activities through next week
  • Laminate Pre-K activities
  • Cut out Pre-K activities
  • Gather materials for any crafts upcoming


  • Mandatory Quiet time for everyone (we have lost the habit during the busy sports season, but we need it back)
  • Knit
  • Read at least a chapter in one of my library books
  • Finish crafts currently in progress
  • Publish a blog post or two

Food Prep

  • Bake rolls or bread for dinner tonight

This will still be a very busy day, but hopefully manageable. Wish me luck!

20 Chore Tuesday can be found at Joyful Abode. Go there to link up and join in the fun and productivity. : )

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20 Chore Tuesday

Inspired by a dear friend, I am going to give this a try. Friday is usually my catch-up on chores day, but it couldn’t hurt to have another day to get ahead as well. Here is the list for today.


  • Laundry – 3-4 loads  6 done!
  • Run dishwasher
  • Unload dishwasher
  • Wash remaining dishes and shine sink
  • Wash toilet and sink in bathroom
  • Sweep kitchen, living room and bathroom
  • Clean stove and counters after cooking/baking/food prep


  • Wood cleaner on living room floor
  • Wipe out refrigerator

Food prep

  • Make chicken noodle soup for dinner
  • Bake bread or rolls for dinner
  • Hard boil eggs for snacks
  • Peel, grate and freeze carrots for future use
  • Make 1 or 2 days of breakfast ahead – Made a double batch of Good Morning Muffins. 2 days of breakfast done. : )
  • Make and freeze pizza dough for pizza night on Friday 


  • Cut out items already laminated
  • Make necessary copies for next week


  • Start wood stove
  • Run errands if time – My husband ran the important one.
  • Make some Halloween decorations with the kids (We have been trying to do this for about a week. Maybe if it makes it on an official list we can get it done. : P ) – Didn’t get this done. Hope to tomorrow.

Extras that were not on the list, but got done

  • 2 extra loads of laundry
  • Made lunch for hubby to take to work
  • Cleaned out under the couch and swept and mopped

All in all, I would call it a successful day. I think my list was a bit over ambitious for a school day that was fuller than usual to make up for going to the library yesterday. I did manage to get just about everything done, but I am exhausted! I will take that into consideration next time. I have just a few more dishes to do, but will do them in the morning. I have already done at least 5 dish drainers full of dishes over the day with all of the cooking and food prep, so I think I can count myself successful. : P

I will definitely participate in 20 Chore Tuesday again. : )

20 Chore Tuesday can be found at Joyful Abode. Go there to link up and join in the fun and productivity. : )


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