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More Pre-K Fall Fun

on November 7, 2012

Preschool Corner


We have been enjoying a fall theme over the past few weeks. Here are some highlights and links to the resources we used.

I found this idea for a tree with leaves that actually fall on Pinterest. My son colored the sky background and tree trunks with crayons and then set to work putting it together. I cut the small pieces out, but he assembled it with minimal help. Picking up the small squares and gluing them was great fine motor skill practice. Here is the link to the instructions.


He made another fall tree as well. For this, I traced his hand onto brown construction paper and cut it out. He glued it to another piece of paper to represent a tree. Then, he used Q-tips to add leaves to the tree and the ground. We did not have orange paint, so he got the chance to mix up some which he thought was magical. : )


I found this adorable apple paper plate craft on Pinterest which links to this blog which has a ton of ideas for apple themed activities. My son had fun painting the plates and we added the seeds with a Q-tip.


Chicka Chicka Boom Boom has become one of my son’s favorite books. So we made this little coconut tree out of a toilet paper tube and construction paper leaves. He added the letters in his name with some foam letter stickers. He was very pleased with this project and couldn’t wait to show Daddy when he got home. This site has lots of other cute projects too. 


These dot marker pages are adorable and fun to do. We purchased our dot markers at Walmart, but I have seen some at the Dollar Tree also.


We used many of the printable included in this pack from 2 Teaching Mommies over the past few weeks. I will definitely use more of their printables in the future. There are letter matching games, pattern activities, pre-writing pages, counting and number recognition activities among others. I laminated the pre-writing pages and the maze so that my son could use them over and over. We use a dry-erase marker and just erase to reuse. This is one of the pre-writing pages.


This apple seed counting activity (also from 2 Teaching Mommies) was my son;s favorite from the pack. I used some number cards I had on hand and some black beans for seeds. Soon, my son wanted more and more. I only had cards up to 10 and he wanted bigger numbers, so I used a dry-erase marker on the laminated page to give him larger numbers. We have done this on a few separate days since he enjoys it so much,


We are going to continue with a few more fall activities before winter comes. We will be focusing on pumpkins and turkeys next. I also try to find activities based on whatever books he happens to chose to pick out at the library. So we will have some bear activities coming up soon too.



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