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Election Day Activities

on November 7, 2012

We are finishing up Ancients for history, but I did take a bit of time out to explain the electoral college, how the election process works, who the candidates are, etc. We watched the Schoolhouse Rock video on the electoral college. In our discussion, we compared our checks and balances form of government to some of the Ancient governments. We also colored in the electoral college map and looked at an interactive map on C-SPAN observing the changes in how the vote went in past Presidential elections. As we were working on our map, we started to quiz each other on the names of the state capitals. So then we decided to play a game of Sequence, the States and Capitals edition.

The kids told me that they had held their own election with their stuffed animals. They chose a President, Vice-President, a Senator and a Representative to Congress. I asked them how they decided on each and they said that their candidates had to tell 5 things that they wanted to do and 5 laws that they wanted to pass. I was impressed that they really thought about how to choose a candidate. It seems that the big issues in this house were later wake-up times, more free LEGO building time, and everyone sharing. Also, lower taxes, higher wages and more time with family were mentioned. I loved hearing their insights. As one of the benevolent dictators in this house, I will see what I can do to make some of those things happen. ; )


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