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Half-Blood Heroes

on November 2, 2012

I was thrilled that my older boys each chose to be a character from a favorite book series for Halloween. My middle son decided on Percy Jackson. We are reading the first book in the Percy Jackson and the Olympians series as a family read-aloud and he is loving it. My oldest chose to be Jason Grace from the Heroes of Olympus series, also by Rick Riordan.

Both Percy and Jason dress like regular boys their age, so deciding on what to have my boys wear as a costume was challenging. We wanted them to look like the characters and not just boys wearing their usual clothes but carrying swords. After discussing it, we settled on making shirts to reflect the camp that each boy attended in the books. Unfortunately, we did not have any luck finding solid colored t-shirts in orange and purple, so we improvised.

I had several white t-shirts on hand for crafting purposes already. I painted a rectangle on each shirt in the correct color and added the camp logo. I used a free hat pattern for the logo for Percy’s shirt. And Google had several images for the logo for Jason’s shirt. Of course, now both boys want me to knit them one of the hats too. Maybe after I finish their Gryffindor House Sweaters…

I was pleased with how the shirts came out, and more importantly, so were the boys.

Percy’s shirt:


Jason’s shirt:


My husband made swords for the boys. I will need to get a good picture of them to add to this post.

My oldest was especially excited when someone recognized him and knew the character from the books. She expressed how much she loved the books and they talked for a minute. It made his night!


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