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20 Chore Tuesday 10/30

on October 30, 2012

Well, it is 20 Chore Tuesday again! I am feeling less than motivated today, so this will be needed.I made 4 days worth of breakfasts and 4 days worth of dinners on Sunday in preparation for the storm. We often lose power, so I wanted to make sure that we would have what we needed. All of that cooking also meant a lot of dishes and clean up. Which has left me low on energy today. I will do my best to be accomplished today though.

I also need to remember what I learned after working myself to exhaustion last week: be more realistic with my list. I am separating out big tasks into manageable chunks. I also need to consider that homeschooling my 3 boys takes a large chunk of my time and be realistic with the remainder of my time. Here goes…


  • Laundry – 2 loads
  • Wash pans that are soaking
  • Wash toilet and sink in bathroom
  • Sweep kitchen
  • Sweep living room
  • Sweep bathroom
  • School with boys (since it is the majority of my day, it should count on my list, right?)
  • General pick-up (toys, school stuff, etc.)


  • Wood cleaner on living room floor
  • Wipe out microwave
  • Scrub stovetop

School Preparation

  • Make copies for lessons through next week (ran out of ink last week)
  • Search for and print Pre-K activities through next week
  • Laminate Pre-K activities
  • Cut out Pre-K activities
  • Gather materials for any crafts upcoming


  • Mandatory Quiet time for everyone (we have lost the habit during the busy sports season, but we need it back)
  • Knit
  • Read at least a chapter in one of my library books
  • Finish crafts currently in progress
  • Publish a blog post or two

Food Prep

  • Bake rolls or bread for dinner tonight

This will still be a very busy day, but hopefully manageable. Wish me luck!

20 Chore Tuesday can be found at Joyful Abode. Go there to link up and join in the fun and productivity. : )


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