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Ocean Sensory Bin

on October 22, 2012

Our sensory bins were such a hit last year, we decided to continue using them. Truth be told, even I enjoy them. There is something so relaxing about feeling rice or rocks between my fingers. The first theme of the year is the ocean. I filled the bin with treasures from the dollar store. Here is the before picture.


My youngest is 4 years old and has enjoyed sorting and counting the items in the box. We have sorted by type and by color. We have made patterns with the items as well (i.e. turtle, fish, turtle, fish, etc.) He often will ask if he can do his “Ocean Math”. I will call this one a success. : )

There are many great sensory bin ideas online. I decided to make my first one after reading the section “What’s in the Tub?” on Totally Tots. ETA: Here are some more sensory bin ideas on 1plus1plus1equals1.

Do you know of another resource for sensory bin ideas? Have you made a sensory bin for your little ones? Please link and share. : )

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