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Back to the Beginning

on October 22, 2012

Since one of the purposes of this blog is to document our homeschooling journey, I should go back to the beginning of the year and include the important “First Day of School”. This year we started school on August 21st. A little on the early side, but we were all itching for the routine that the school year brings. Also, it will allow us some more opportunities for days off since we started early. We are trying out a new schedule this academic year. We will school for 6 weeks and then take a week off. We had our first week off in the beginning of October and it was a much needed break in the middle of the busy soccer season. The only exception to our 6 weeks on and one week off schedule will be around the holidays. We will have a week off for Thanksgiving (this will fall perfectly after 6 weeks of school). We will then school for the 4 weeks until Christmas and then take 2 weeks off. After the start of the new year, we will go back to our 6 weeks on and one week off rhythm. Having a planned break gives us something to look forward to and provides motivation to get a certain amount of work done before the break.

This year my boys are in 6th grade, 3rd grade and Pre-K. Here they are posing for the obligatory “First Day” picture.



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